What is RightFax WebUtil?

RightFax Web Access is a browser-based fax mailbox that lets you send and receive faxes directly from your computer. With RightFax Web Access, sending faxes no longer requires you to create your document, print it out, walk to a fax machine, fill out a cover page, dial a handset, and then monitor the fax machine to ensure that your document sends properly. In fact, your RightFax Web Access software makes standalone fax machines a thing of the past. From now on, your faxes can be entirely composed, addressed, and transmitted without having to leave your desk.In addition, when you receive a fax, you no longer need to stand by the fax machine, ensuring that it doesn't run out of paper or that someone else picks it up and carries it off. Your faxes now arrive directly in your personal RightFax Web Access mailbox where you can read them, print them, add notes, or even forward to other recipients just like an email message.